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Mathias Dietz MDIETZ at
Wed Jun 21 21:59:39 GMT 2006

>Volker wrote:
>An API for managing Samba from my point of view depends on
>the model we use to store the configuration information.
>Yes, we could in theory save and restore the smb.conf as
>such, but this really heavily sucks, and it is nothing I
>would recommend. Yes, swat does it, but as already stated in
>this thread, swat sucks.

IMHO, the management API does not depend on the config storing
implementation. It should hide the implementation details whether
it is stored in a smb.conf or in a registry.

I agree with Jeremy:
>Adding ejs to Samba3 is pointless (IMHO). We need good
>management interfaces with scripting language bindings.

The most important step is to define this management API and to
implement it inside samba3. Exporting this API via rpc is secondary.

SWAT would be ok for the first consumer / to polish the API.

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