[PATCH] Samba4 and LDAP servers

Martin Kühl mkhl at samba.org
Thu Jun 15 09:35:13 GMT 2006

> In terms of infrastructure, Martin proposed to avoid the need for a
> partitions module, but I've provided that, so his work-around should no
> longer be required.

I still think it makes a more suitable "first module" than ldb_map.
Maybe someone can take a look at that after my next commit and check
whether I understood the basics?

> Indeed, the discussion should be here.  Martin asked Tridge and I some
> questions privately, but Martin, I think this is your cue...

The main question I'm still unclear about is whether support for
flexible mappings in ejs or completeness of mappings to/from samba 3
should be prioritised.

I also have some questions about ldb_map, but those should go into
their own thread.


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