Moving ahead: Plans for 3.0.23 and 3.0.24

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Jul 11 18:11:48 GMT 2006

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Matthew Mastracci wrote:
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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>> simo wrote:
>>> I think I would like to see inotify, CIFS posix extensions (locking)
>>> and Idmap in 3.0.24. I do not see as compelling
>>> to hold 3.0.24 for the cluster work, but we
>>> can merge it in if it is ready by the release date of course.
>> If everything else was ready, I would hold 3.0.24 for a week
>> or two at most to get the cluster out there.  But only if
>> there was no performance issues with the single node
>> configuration.  I agree that if it looks like the cluster
>> work will still take more time, we should not postpone
>> 3.0.24 for it.
> Gerry,
> Does the external IDMAP backend I posted here a while back 
> still look like it might make it in, or has some of
> the alternate IDMAP backend discussion derailed it a bit?  I
> can update the patch if needed.

I think that we'll probably have to rework it some.  I
very much want to see the patch in the tree and will
probably spend some time with it while doing the redesign.

Stay tuned and I'll keep posting progress to the ml.

cheers, jerry
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