CVS tag for lates samba 3.0 series

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sun Apr 30 04:24:08 GMT 2006

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> These sound pretty serious. How much do they disrupt the code ?

I have not looked at it to tell yet.

> What number of lines is the current diff ?

Unknown.  But the current diff would probably not be meaningful. 
Hopefully the next pass at the code to get up to date with the SAMBA_3_0 
  development stream will have a much smaller number of changes in it, 
and as they are discovered DK or my self can provide that feedback.

I think some of the more invasive code is going to be moving into an 
OpenVMS specific VFS module or to other plug in modules.

There are also some changes that have been made to future releases and 
patch kits of OpenVMS to potentially remove some OpenVMS specific 
changes, and the evaluation release for Samba on OpenVMS could not wait 
for those changes to get through the release process.

I am also looking at places where LINUX specific APIs like kernel 
oplocks and POSIX ACLs can be be provided by OpenVMS as there already is 
equivalent functionality.

More programs than SAMBA can probably take advantage of making OpenVMS 
look more like LINUX.

Many of these issues will be the same for SAMBA V4 as for V3, and the 
goal is to be getting SAMBA V3 as functional as possible, but to be 
ready to take advantage of the SAMBA V4 architecture.

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