CVS tag for lates samba 3.0 series

Jeremy Allison jra at
Fri Apr 28 22:39:03 GMT 2006

On Fri, Apr 28, 2006 at 06:35:07PM -0400, John E. Malmberg wrote:
> I have sent DK instructions on how to use rsync on Linux to maintain a 
> local copy of SAMBA_3_0 and SAMBA 4 on an OpenVMS system.
> >What areas of the code have you changed for OpenVMS ? How
> >invasive are they ?
> I can not comment about the specifics as I have mainly been looking at 
> what it takes to get SAMBA V4 to build on OpenVMS.
> But here is a summary of the issues that I have seen for V2/V3 of Samba, 
> not in any specific order:
>   1. No fork()
>   2. Need to use special hand off socket from inetd equivalent which
>      launches smbd because of no fork().
>   3. SMBD when launched this way re-inits the TDB files out from
>      under the other SMBD processes.
>   4. Pid files should not be used on OpenVMS because of different
>      process model.  This just interferes with debugging.
>   5. fcntl() locking is not available at this time.
>   6. fstat() or stat() does not report current file size unless fsync()
>      is called to flush the output to disk.  Richard Sharp found out
>      why that is important to the SMB protocol.
>   7. Samba Panic handler needs to be disabled because it prevents the
>      OpenVMS Panic handler from giving an accurate or even meaningful
>      error report.
>      This may affect other platforms in the same way.
>   8. select() will only work on socket numbers, not file descriptors.
>   9. stat() is high overhead call as it actually touches the disk.
>   10. setegid()/setgid() not meaningful on OpenVMS.
>   11. smbclient claims "Control-D" is keyboard EOF instead of looking
>       it up in term_info API.  OpenVMS does not have the term_info API
>       either, but that can be faked with a macro.  OpenVMS uses
>       Control-Z for keyboard EOF.  So technically this is a UNIX bug,
>       as the keyboard EOF may be set to a different character.
>   12. Test for running with setuid bit set fail on OpenVMS.
>   13. Behavior of open file access after setuid() call is different.
>   14. OpenVMS text files are not usually byte streams, yet they are
>       a common type of file that a Samba client expects to read or
>       update.
> For a few of these, there are methods of hiding the differences with out 
> making changes to the source code.

These sound pretty serious. How much do they disrupt the code ?
What number of lines is the current diff ?


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