VFS configure/Makefile howto?

James Peach jpeach at samba.org
Sat Sep 17 07:11:40 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 15:59 -0500, Sean Dunn wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my first post to the list. I'd like to know if there is a
> webpage/FAQ that describes the process and requirements for creating a
> valid configure.in and Makefile.in for compiling shared VFS modules.
> This isn't difficult to do if I keep my module in the samba source tree,
> but I would like to keep it separated..

Unfortunately it is often painful to maintain a VFS module out of tree.
Although the VFS interface is versioned, it's easy to end up with a
module that calls atbitrary internal APIs that will change without

I'd recommend maintaining your module as a patch against the Samba tree
and using the Samba build system to build it. Once you start using
quilt, you'll find it quite easy to maintain a bunch of patches against
the main source.

James Peach | jpeach at samba.org

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