Apple OS X SMB issues across VPN

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Oct 19 15:48:56 GMT 2005

On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 08:55:19AM -0600, Dan Tappin wrote:
> >>This makes me think it is some sort of specific samba issue.  Are  
> >>there any browsing related speed tweaks that can be done.  Also  
> >>the smb.conf file (see below) is pretty much the standard Apple  
> >>dist besides the socket options and getwd cache that I added.  If  
> >>I change the socket options buffer values performance takes a huge  
> >>hit.
> >>
> >>I just found something in the smb.conf manual page on the  
> >> site:
> >>
> >>enhanced browsing = yes

The term "browsing" is overused.  In the case of "Enhanced Browsing",
we're talking about the Browse Service, which is the piece that provides
the Network Neighborhood--the list of available workgroups and servers.  
Enhanced Browsing won't help with directory tree navigation.

Some questions:

- Are you are using old-style NBT-based CIFS or new-style "naked"

- Does your firewall filter any of the VPN traffic, or does the VPN pass
  through the firewall untouched.

- If you're using NBT, do you have an NBNS (a WINS server) and do all of 
  the clients talk to that NBNS?

- Can you capture a trace for us?

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