SMB2 in vista beta2

tridge at tridge at
Wed Nov 9 10:13:49 GMT 2005

This is just to let everyone know about some initial work that is
being done to work out the wire format of the 'SMB2' protocol in Vista

For those of you who don't know, Vista beta2 can negotiate a new
varient of the SMB protocol, called 'SMB2'. See for example:

A few of us have been looking at network traces of vista boxes talking
to each other and have worked out the basic header format, or at least
most of it. See for current progress.

I'd especially like to thank Ronnie Sahlberg for his work on this. He
has worked out a lot from a few traces! Ronnie has also added a
ethereal decoder for what has been worked out so far into the ethereal
svn tree.

I'm looking at writing a experimental client library for SMB2. We
don't know enough about the protocol changes yet to write a full
client library, but doing an initial hack-and-slash should help to
fill in some gaps.

Cheers, Tridge

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