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James Peach jpeach at
Wed Nov 9 02:25:27 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 17:44 -0800, Marcin Krzysztof Porwit wrote:
> James,
> I have not looked at it, but I will be happy to take
> a closer look once we ship V1 of our management console.
> At this point perfcounters are still in a bit of a fragile
> state, and the API for loading data into them will get
> cleaned up and stabilized over the next samba release or two.
> The API is a little clunky right now, requiring the end user
> to keep straight what object has instances, how many, what
> the counter/object relationships are, and various sundry
> housekeeping tasks. I want to clean that up so that then
> anything (including PCP) could easily insert data into the
> registry.

PCP does all this for you for both local and remote machines. You can
programatically query metrics for their instances as well as their data
type and semantics.

For example, you can pull a metric from a remote machine and find out
everything you need to publish it via the registry interface without aly
local knowledge.

jpeach at tote:~$ pminfo -h chook -tdf kernel.percpu.cpu.sys

kernel.percpu.cpu.sys [percpu sys CPU time metric from /proc/stat]
    Data Type: 32-bit unsigned int  InDom: 60.0 0xf000000
    Semantics: counter  Units: millisec
    inst [0 or "cpu0"] value 19597117
    inst [1 or "cpu1"] value 19527603
    inst [2 or "cpu2"] value 14299663
    inst [3 or "cpu3"] value 17921569
    inst [4 or "cpu4"] value 152013557
    inst [5 or "cpu5"] value 57454511
    inst [6 or "cpu6"] value 14974191
    inst [7 or "cpu7"] value 15588908

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