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Marcin Krzysztof Porwit mporwit at
Wed Nov 9 01:44:06 GMT 2005


I have not looked at it, but I will be happy to take
a closer look once we ship V1 of our management console.

At this point perfcounters are still in a bit of a fragile
state, and the API for loading data into them will get
cleaned up and stabilized over the next samba release or two.
The API is a little clunky right now, requiring the end user
to keep straight what object has instances, how many, what
the counter/object relationships are, and various sundry
housekeeping tasks. I want to clean that up so that then
anything (including PCP) could easily insert data into the

James Peach wrote:
> Jerry / Marcin,
> Are you aware of PCP (
> It's a general framework for working with performance instrumentation.
> It deals with naming metrics and instances of metrics, programatically
> discovering and working out the values, semantics, units and dimensions
> of metrics. It's open source and has been ported to a range of
> platforms, including Solaris, IRIX and many flavours of Linux.
> It would be possible to implement the perfcounter daemon as a general
> mapping layer between PCP metrics and the registry interface. This would
> have some immediate advantages:
> 	1. You can support performance counters on Linux and non-Linux
> 	platforms without any extra code.
> 	2. It easier to add support for more metrics (eg. PCP on my
> 	laptop currently exports ~580 metrics).
> 	3. It is quite easy to add your own metrics into PCP, so
> 	third-party metrics could automatically be provided to windows
> 	clients.
> This isn't a piece of work I can do myself right now, but I'm happy to
> provide more PCP info if you are interested.

Marcin Krzysztof Porwit
mporwit at

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