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Alexander Bokovoy ab at samba.org
Sun May 29 16:10:09 GMT 2005

On Sun, May 29, 2005 at 05:34:43PM +0200, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> > Vendors provide warranties? :)
> By implication, I suppose, nothing in writing. F.ex. Red Hat will
> "support" you as long as you don't go installing non-Red Hat software
> that RH could fairly claim as effing up the utils and dependencies that
> the distro has as standard.
> A recent uncritical RHAS3 up2date (update 5) on an LTSP server seriously
> brain-damaged the whole server. That's not Red Hat's fault; similarly, I
> compile and install my own OpenLDAP, Postfix, Courier, Cyrus SASL and
> much more stuff and it's up to me to keep my stuff apart from Red Hat's
> stuff and limit the collateral up2date can do to my installations. rpm
> -e'ing Red Hat's outdated Samba stuff and installing the latest
> Samba.org srpms could be claimed as voiding all Red Hat support.
I would say that it is user's freedom to either select other distribution
or be pro-active and let RedHat know that particular application's support
isn't up to what is needed by the user: file bugs and feature requests,
use whatever is valid within your existing subscription. Keeping silence
doesn't help at all.
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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