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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun May 29 15:34:43 GMT 2005

søn, 29.05.2005 kl. 17.07 skrev Michael Sweet:

> > Fair enough. Then I'd hope for some sort of HOWTO on implementing gnutls
> > without voiding the vendor's warranty alongside Openssl on RedHat and
> Vendors provide warranties? :)

By implication, I suppose, nothing in writing. F.ex. Red Hat will
"support" you as long as you don't go installing non-Red Hat software
that RH could fairly claim as effing up the utils and dependencies that
the distro has as standard.

A recent uncritical RHAS3 up2date (update 5) on an LTSP server seriously
brain-damaged the whole server. That's not Red Hat's fault; similarly, I
compile and install my own OpenLDAP, Postfix, Courier, Cyrus SASL and
much more stuff and it's up to me to keep my stuff apart from Red Hat's
stuff and limit the collateral up2date can do to my installations. rpm
-e'ing Red Hat's outdated Samba stuff and installing the latest
Samba.org srpms could be claimed as voiding all Red Hat support.


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