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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun May 29 17:06:24 GMT 2005

søn, 29.05.2005 kl. 18.10 skrev Alexander Bokovoy:


> I would say that it is user's freedom to either select other distribution

Obviously :)  For me, Red Hat works better than other distros, it's more
like SVR4 than anything else I know. And I used to be an SVR4 person.

> or be pro-active and let RedHat know that particular application's support
> isn't up to what is needed by the user: file bugs and feature requests,

Been there, done that, that's proved to be useless. There's no way Red
Hat's going to add or change features in current Enterprise releases,
thousands have tried already. RH only issues bugfixes and stability mods
for current Enterprise releases.

> use whatever is valid within your existing subscription. Keeping silence
> doesn't help at all.

No use, and you obviously don't understand how Red Hat Enterprise works.
RH will give support on what it's already issued for Enterprise
releases, it will not give any support whatsoever on what it hasn't
issued - and I don't blame it, for that matter.

Uttering plaintive cries of "what you gave me is out of date and I want
it changed" might help for future releases, but is utterly useless for
any current release. Fedora is there for that, but there's no way you'll
get me to go to Fedora for stable production servers. Just look at the
VULN Fedora security update record. It's utter crap.

In the mean time, apparently RHAS/RHEL4 apparently supports gnutls as
well as the Openssl stuff, so this is where my contribution to this
thread ends; over and out.


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