samba3 and ldap on aix5 libldap.a dependency

Gert Koopman gertk at
Thu May 26 00:21:58 GMT 2005


When compiling samba 3.0.14a on aix5.2 with ldap backend support
one needs the openldap client libraries (libldap.a) on the samba server 
system. Several users of samba on aix posted threads about a not working 
smbd, unaware of this dependency. This is not a bug, it is because some 
freeware sites for aix that publish samba binary packages forgot to 
mention this dependency.
The samba sources include the samba schemas for the free IBM ldap ITDS 
(IBM Tivoli Directory Server) and using this ldap flavour as backend 
with samba 3.0 works fine.
In aix environments however mostly the IBM ldap client (fileset 
ldap.client.rte/adt) is installed on hosts (mandatory if aix users are 
authenticated against an aix/posix account repository in a central ldap) 
and then the libraries are named ibmldap.a ibmldapn.a etc.
Inorder to avoid possible future conflicts with library names and to 
avoid the need for environments to install two types of ldap client 
libraries (for example if samba server and ldap server are on one host), 
I am requesting to make available a new build option for samba, for 
example "with-ibmldap" to build samba on aix against the ibm ldap client 


Gert Koopman

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