Distribution of HTML from SAMBA kits with modified filenames/hrefs?

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Fri Jun 24 03:07:16 GMT 2005

On Thursday 23 June 2005 20:54, John E. Malmberg wrote:
> John H Terpstra wrote:
> > John,
> >
> > I am happy for you to customize the Samba documentation files so they are
> > more enviroment friendly for your users. Please send me a copy of the
> > finished item (once only) for my reference. Please leave all attribution
> > in place and please confirm that the documents you distribute will be
> > under the GPL.
> A concatenated diff -u would be much smaller. :-)


> Would a link to a HTTP download site containing a .ZIP archive be good
> enough?


> The specific issue that caused me to make this query is the file
> using_samba/licenseinfo.html in the book "USING SAMBA" which apparently
> is not under the GPL and required notification to the "Samba Team" and
> the copyright owners which  is currently O'Reilly.

You will need permission from O'Reilly. I can not give that. Sorry, I thought 
you were asking about the HOWTO and Samba3 by Example.

> Posting here seemed to be the easiest way of reaching the "Samba Team"
> In looking at the current electronic distribution of the book at the
> SAMBA.ORG site, I can not find a link to that page, but I also have
> found that the filenames all appear to be in a format which does not
> require me to make any changes to put it on the OpenVMS file system.
> So it looks like all I have to do for that book for the older 2.2.12
> (which is the newest currently known to be ported OpenVMS) is insert the
> newer copy.  We are trying to get more up to speed :-)
> > Also, are you aware that the HTML format documents are auto-generated
> > from XML? You are modifying machine generated code. :-)
> Yes.  While it appears that several of the tools to do the generation
> are available on OpenVMS and other platforms I have access to, I am not
> experienced in their use to generate fresh documents.  Editing the
> output is a simple scripting hack.

Again, I was referring to the Samba3-HOWTO and Samba3-ByExample.

> If a slight change could be done in the filenames that are
> auto-generated, then I would not need to re-process the files.
> With OpenVMS ODS-2 file system, I am restricted to only one '.'
> character per filename and it delimits the file type that the web
> browser uses as a hint to translate the file.  For the rest of the
> characters, I am limited to 'A'-'Z','-','_', and '0'-'9'.  Having the
> characters in the original tarball in lower case is not an issue as long
> as the case insensitive filename is unique to that directory.  There can
> be 39 characters on each side of the period, and no periods in
> subdirectory names.

I really do not want to revisit the build system again. We recently changed 
things around and if I had known before-hand how it would break the build and 
distribution environment we would not have touched it.

> When a tarball is unpacked on OpenVMS, the tar program restores a file
> like smbd.8.html to be smbd.8_html.  This of course is not usable to the
> web browsers which have no idea how to display the "8_html" type.
> So the script renames the files so that file becomes smbd_8.html and
> also determines that the original name was smbd.8.html so then runs a
> edit macro to replace all the references to smbd.8.html in any .*HTM* to
> be smbd_8.html in the same directory tree so that all the links work.
> Quick to write, inefficient to run, but does not need to be run very
> often if the resulting files can be freely redistributed.

If you are changing only the file names I can not see a problem.

- John T.

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