Distribution of HTML from SAMBA kits with modified filenames/hrefs?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jun 24 03:11:21 GMT 2005

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John E. Malmberg wrote:

> The existing documentation for SAMBA in HTML format has some 
> problems on OpenVMS with the filenames.
> The problem is that on the older ODS-2 file system, only 
> one period can be present in the filename.  And even though
> that the current ODS-5 file system can handle the extra dots,
> this is only available on the 64 bit OpenVMS platforms, and
> the distribution kits have to be installable on ODS-2, as the
> use of ODS-5 is not mandatory.
> A set of scripts have been written for OpenVMS that 
> translate the HREFs and the file names so that they are usable
> on ODS-2 volumes.
> The next wrinkle is that I have noticed in the HTML books 
> have some text in them about distributing modified versions
> requiring a prominent notice of the change, and to provide
> the change back to both the Copyright Owners and Samba Team.
> Does this changing of the filenames and the HREFs constitute 
> enough of a change to require such a notice?
> Or can the OpenVMS distributions of pre-built SAMBA kits 
> just provide the output of the automatic translation? [Preferred]


Could you clarify the Using Samba license issues for John?

cheers, jerry

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