Distribution of HTML from SAMBA kits with modified filenames/hrefs?

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Fri Jun 24 02:54:03 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra wrote:
> John,
> I am happy for you to customize the Samba documentation files so they are more 
> enviroment friendly for your users. Please send me a copy of the finished 
> item (once only) for my reference. Please leave all attribution in place and 
> please confirm that the documents you distribute will be under the GPL.

A concatenated diff -u would be much smaller. :-)

Would a link to a HTTP download site containing a .ZIP archive be good 

The specific issue that caused me to make this query is the file 
using_samba/licenseinfo.html in the book "USING SAMBA" which apparently 
is not under the GPL and required notification to the "Samba Team" and 
the copyright owners which  is currently O'Reilly.

Posting here seemed to be the easiest way of reaching the "Samba Team"

In looking at the current electronic distribution of the book at the 
SAMBA.ORG site, I can not find a link to that page, but I also have 
found that the filenames all appear to be in a format which does not 
require me to make any changes to put it on the OpenVMS file system.

So it looks like all I have to do for that book for the older 2.2.12 
(which is the newest currently known to be ported OpenVMS) is insert the 
newer copy.  We are trying to get more up to speed :-)

> Also, are you aware that the HTML format documents are auto-generated from 
> XML? You are modifying machine generated code. :-)

Yes.  While it appears that several of the tools to do the generation 
are available on OpenVMS and other platforms I have access to, I am not 
experienced in their use to generate fresh documents.  Editing the 
output is a simple scripting hack.

If a slight change could be done in the filenames that are 
auto-generated, then I would not need to re-process the files.

With OpenVMS ODS-2 file system, I am restricted to only one '.' 
character per filename and it delimits the file type that the web 
browser uses as a hint to translate the file.  For the rest of the 
characters, I am limited to 'A'-'Z','-','_', and '0'-'9'.  Having the 
characters in the original tarball in lower case is not an issue as long 
as the case insensitive filename is unique to that directory.  There can 
be 39 characters on each side of the period, and no periods in 
subdirectory names.

When a tarball is unpacked on OpenVMS, the tar program restores a file 
like smbd.8.html to be smbd.8_html.  This of course is not usable to the 
web browsers which have no idea how to display the "8_html" type.

So the script renames the files so that file becomes smbd_8.html and 
also determines that the original name was smbd.8.html so then runs a 
edit macro to replace all the references to smbd.8.html in any .*HTM* to 
be smbd_8.html in the same directory tree so that all the links work. 
Quick to write, inefficient to run, but does not need to be run very 
often if the resulting files can be freely redistributed.

wb8tyw at qsl.net
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