Distribution of HTML from SAMBA kits with modified filenames/hrefs?

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Thu Jun 23 23:18:05 GMT 2005


I am happy for you to customize the Samba documentation files so they are more 
enviroment friendly for your users. Please send me a copy of the finished 
item (once only) for my reference. Please leave all attribution in place and 
please confirm that the documents you distribute will be under the GPL.

Also, are you aware that the HTML format documents are auto-generated from 
XML? You are modifying machine generated code. :-)

John T.

On Thursday 23 June 2005 13:07, John E. Malmberg wrote:
> The existing documentation for SAMBA in HTML format has some problems on
> OpenVMS with the filenames.
> The problem is that on the older ODS-2 file system, only one period can
> be present in the filename.  And even though that the current ODS-5 file
> system can handle the extra dots, this is only available on the 64 bit
> OpenVMS platforms, and the distribution kits have to be installable on
> ODS-2, as the use of ODS-5 is not mandatory.
> A set of scripts have been written for OpenVMS that translate the HREFs
> and the file names so that they are usable on ODS-2 volumes.
> The next wrinkle is that I have noticed in the HTML books have some text
> in them about distributing modified versions requiring a prominent
> notice of the change, and to provide the change back to both the
> Copyright Owners and Samba Team.
> Does this changing of the filenames and the HREFs constitute enough of a
> change to require such a notice?
> Or can the OpenVMS distributions of pre-built SAMBA kits just provide
> the output of the automatic translation? [Preferred]
> Note the resulting translated filenames will render the books the same
> way if the VMS distribution is ever copied to a UNIX/LINUX system.
> The problem with adding such a notice is that the translation tools
> would have to be made much more intelligent than just doing a global
> text replace that they do now.
> -John
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