net rpc password and STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Sat Jun 11 20:14:19 GMT 2005

Has anyone come across this?

I'm trying to change the Administrator password on a remote server (which 
happens to be an EMC box).  There's no NT Domain involved (local SAM 
database on the EMC box).

I know that the Administrator password, and I know it has been
pre-expired.  Login attempts, of course, fail.  Windows2K, however, won't
let me change the password because the password has expired (nor will it
give me a popup to change the password, etc.).

I figured I was stuck--but then I thought about using the net command.

  $ net -V
  Version 3.0.9-2.3-SUSE

So here's what happened:

  $ net rpc password Administrator -I -Uadministrator%oldpw
  Could not connect to server

If I enter an incorrect password I get a different error message, so (once
again) I know that the password I'm providing is correct.  In ethereal, I 
see that the error code is STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE.

...of course that's what I'm trying to do, so I'm a bit flummuxed.

There's a tool called passwd.exe written by Alexander Frink.  It seems to 
be able to get past the STATUS_PASSWORD_MUST_CHANGE issue.  I've grabbed a 
capture which I'll be looking at.

I did a search on bugzilla and looked through some of the code but didn't 
see any references...

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