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Deryck Hodge deryck at samba.org
Wed Jun 1 20:04:29 GMT 2005

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Keith Farrar wrote:
> Deryck Hodge wrote:
>>As for text browsing, what do we gain by having SWAT2 work in lynx?
>>Don't get me wrong, I use lynx when testing to see how I'm doing on
>>accessibility and such, but isn't the point of SWAT2 that we have a
>>*graphical* user interface to samba?  If you want console tools,
>>ldbsearch, ldbadd, etc. would be much better than SWAT2 via lynx, right?
>> Or am I missing something here?
> Please try to follow the W3C web content accessibility guidelines when
> developing a web interface, as not all users and administrators will
> be able to _see_ graphical user interfaces. Some users must depend
> upon a screen reader to render web content as audio. Creating a web
> interface which is usable with a bare-bones browser, like Lynx, may
> help to create browser content that will be compatible with a screen
> reader.

I'm aware of the advantages of text browsers in keeping sites
accessible... see my comments above.  Perhaps I wasn't clear in what I'm

Is this all people are concerned about -- accessibility?  Or are people
trying to use a text-based SWAT as a console admin tool?  What I am
trying to imply is that a console tool and a GUI are two different
things and trying to design one to be the other will be a frustrating
and/or futile exercise.

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