web server in Samba4

Keith Farrar farrar at parc.com
Wed Jun 1 19:48:56 GMT 2005

Deryck Hodge wrote:
> As for text browsing, what do we gain by having SWAT2 work in lynx?
> Don't get me wrong, I use lynx when testing to see how I'm doing on
> accessibility and such, but isn't the point of SWAT2 that we have a
> *graphical* user interface to samba?  If you want console tools,
> ldbsearch, ldbadd, etc. would be much better than SWAT2 via lynx, right?
>  Or am I missing something here?

Please try to follow the W3C web content accessibility guidelines when
developing a web interface, as not all users and administrators will
be able to _see_ graphical user interfaces. Some users must depend
upon a screen reader to render web content as audio. Creating a web
interface which is usable with a bare-bones browser, like Lynx, may
help to create browser content that will be compatible with a screen

These guidelines explain how to make Web content accessible to people
with disabilities. The guidelines are intended for all Web content
developers (page authors and site designers) and for developers of
authoring tools. The primary goal of these guidelines is to promote
accessibility. However, following them will also make Web content
more available to all users, whatever user agent they are using
(e.g., desktop browser, voice browser, mobile phone, automobile-based
personal computer, etc.) or constraints they may be operating under
(e.g., noisy surroundings, under- or over-illuminated rooms, in a
hands-free environment, etc.). Following these guidelines will
also help people find information on the Web more quickly. These
guidelines do not discourage content developers from using images,
video, etc., but rather explain how to make multimedia content more
accessible to a wide audience.

  6. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
     * 1. Provide equivalent alternatives to auditory and visual content.
     * 2. Don't rely on color alone.
     * 3. Use markup and style sheets and do so properly.
     * 4. Clarify natural language usage
     * 5. Create tables that transform gracefully.
     * 6. Ensure that pages featuring new technologies transform gracefully.
     * 7. Ensure user control of time-sensitive content changes.
     * 8. Ensure direct accessibility of embedded user interfaces.
     * 9. Design for device-independence.
     * 10. Use interim solutions.
     * 11. Use W3C technologies and guidelines.
     * 12. Provide context and orientation information.
     * 13. Provide clear navigation mechanisms.
     * 14. Ensure that documents are clear and simple.

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