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Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Jun 1 16:21:11 GMT 2005

Deryck Hodge wrote:
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> Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>> > I would say my objection to client-side javascript is not in using
>> > it, but depending on it.  Write the interface to support enhanced
>> > functionality when the web browser has Javascript support, but don't
>> > depend on it for the interface to work.
>>so far the stuff I've done works well with and without javascript, and
>>it now works without cookies as well (it uses a cookies detection
>>trick and a get variable to store the session id so session[] still
>>works without cookies).
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>>I'll defer to Deryck on what the correct approach should be. I'm
>>completely new to css and js, so the stuff I've done so far is really
>>just meant for me to learn a bit about how this sort of thing
>>works. Once Deryck starts hacking on the pages I expect he may rip
>>apart what I've done and redo it :-)
>>Cheers, Tridge
> Hi Tridge, all,
> Sorry for being a bit of a johnny-come-lately on this...
> Regarding client-side Javascript, my approach has always been to make
> use of it where appropriate.  I think js is quite useful when
> manipulating the DOM and allowing for user-selected customizations.  For
> example, using js and the DOM one can very easily switch between
> stylesheets, strip styles for printing, etc.  Since the web server has
> js embedded, some of these effects may also be achieved via server-side
> scripting.  I'll need to look into ejs more to know what's possible,
> which I hope to do this week.  Also, it's my standard practice to make
> allowances for those not enabling client-side js in whatever I design.
> As for text browsing, what do we gain by having SWAT2 work in lynx?
> Don't get me wrong, I use lynx when testing to see how I'm doing on
> accessibility and such, but isn't the point of SWAT2 that we have a
> *graphical* user interface to samba?  If you want console tools,
> ldbsearch, ldbadd, etc. would be much better than SWAT2 via lynx, right?
>  Or am I missing something here?

But will those utilities allow you to configure SAMBA, or just the
users and groups?

Also, I think the purpose of SWAT2 is to provide an easy-to-use
interface (not necessarily graphical) for configuring SAMBA, and
the ldb utils aren't any better than hand editing smb.conf... :)

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