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tridge at tridge at
Mon Jul 25 23:48:09 GMT 2005


 > btw, does this mean that sizeof(uint64_t) != sizeof(long long) ?

don't worry, I just checked the configure output in the build farm for
deckchair and found:

  checking size of long long... 8

so it is a 64 bit int. That means that uint64_t is the same type as
unsigned long long. So why does the compiler give a warning about %llu?
We know it supports %llu as it passes that configure test.

Anyway, this means the problem is just a warning workaround, not
anything more serious. So a configure test for %PRIu64 to
conditionally use the 'right' format string for this will do the

Or we could do what we do in other places and just cast to the format
type in the printf call.

Cheers, Tridge

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