PAC Sucess!

tridge at tridge at
Wed Aug 31 02:42:31 GMT 2005


 > I would really like to do some testing outside of the basic file system.
 >  At this point, could someone send me their config files for Samba4 so
 > I can test domain joins/logons and other things?  I attempted to
 > "guess" some of the config setting but no dice.  Do I need to configure
 > Heimdal separately?  Any help provided will allow me to be of some use.

possibly the worst part of Samba4 at the moment is the
configuration. That's why I've been putting in so much effort to build
up the infrastructure for the web management tool (which Deryck has
now been using to great effect).

You _should_ find that if you follow the howto and start with a
totally clean install (ie. no smb.conf at all) then the default
smb.conf and sam database that is setup for you will work as a PDC.

No guarantees right now though. We are aiming to produce a 'technology
preview' release fairly soon that will have a much higher chance of
working out of the box. Before that we need to solve exactly the soft
of problems you are hitting (ie. foolproof install and basic

Cheers, Tridge

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