net ads testjoin issue after date change on the server!

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Aug 16 15:49:30 GMT 2005

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Ephi Dror wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
> Here are more info:
> 1. Changing date to any date in the past (30 years or so..) 
> or any date within this year, it works fine.
> 2. Changing date to next year (2006  and up) causing 
> the problem.
> 3. It takes about 5 minutes until segmentation fault shows 
> up. During that time, the entire server behaves very
> slow, VmData increases and increases until it reaches about
> 4054368K and then segmentation fault happened.
> 4. Control-C doesn't help 
> Here is the last snapshot I took while running "net ads testjoin"
> [root at h-00d06806ef33 root]# grep Vm /proc/22270/status
> VmSize:  4062716 kB
> VmLck:         0 kB
> VmRSS:   2013176 kB
> VmData:  4054368 kB
> VmStk:       144 kB
> VmExe:      1984 kB
> VmLib:      5948 kB
> Watching memory sizes was showing that VmSize and VmData were 
> increasing slowly while VmRSS stayed at about the same.

I'd try running it under valgrind.  I'll bet thgere's a memory
leak in the krb5 libs.

cheers, jerry
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