Samba on Windows?

Barry.Quiat Barry.Quiat at
Thu Apr 21 16:54:54 GMT 2005

Has anyone successfully ported or built SAMBA under Windows XP or NT?  


Yes, I know that Samba was created to emulate that which Windows already
contains.  So why (you ask) would we want to run Samba under Windows instead
of MS-CIFS?  We have a non-Windows RAID device (not NTFS or FAT32) which is
accessed by XP and NT servers using a propritetary interface (a user-mode
application, not a Windows disk driver).  I must present the contents of
this volume to networked Windows clients as a virtual file system.   We have
hundreds of deployed networks with only Windows computers (no Unix/Linux) on
these nets.  


I started coding my own CIFS server with some success, but after supporting
Andx and Transact2 I've begun to realize how much work there is and how the
result will be less mature and less flavorful than existing Samba.   


Has anyone successfully run (or ported) SAMBA under any version of Windows?
Ideally I'd like to build SAMBA v4.0 for Windows XP, then modify it to suit
our needs.  







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