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Thu Apr 21 20:32:48 GMT 2005

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Barry.Quiat schrieb:
> Has anyone successfully ported or built SAMBA under Windows XP or NT?  
> Yes, I know that Samba was created to emulate that which Windows already
> contains.  So why (you ask) would we want to run Samba under Windows instead
> of MS-CIFS?  We have a non-Windows RAID device (not NTFS or FAT32) which is
> accessed by XP and NT servers using a propritetary interface (a user-mode
> application, not a Windows disk driver).  I must present the contents of
> this volume to networked Windows clients as a virtual file system.   We have
> hundreds of deployed networks with only Windows computers (no Unix/Linux) on
> these nets.  
> I started coding my own CIFS server with some success, but after supporting
> Andx and Transact2 I've begun to realize how much work there is and how the
> result will be less mature and less flavorful than existing Samba.   
> Has anyone successfully run (or ported) SAMBA under any version of Windows?
> Ideally I'd like to build SAMBA v4.0 for Windows XP, then modify it to suit
> our needs.  

yep, that would only make sense for samba4, what you need is a way to implement an
event context module for windows and a socket module, and process model module
and a ntvfs module for your file system, that rest should be more or less platform independent

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