remapping illegal file characters

Steve French smfrench at
Fri Apr 8 03:52:38 GMT 2005

A much better version of the character remapping patch is now in the 
source tree for the Linux cifs client.  This is enabled if you specify
in the mount options and then six of the seven reserved characters will 
be remapped in filenames (ie adding 0xF000 to be compat with Windows).   
Note that one reserved character, backslash, is not remapped yet (that 
would have caused me to change a lot more code, and I did not want to 
risk it this close to the release of 2.6.12).  This does not affect 
sharenames, usernames and I did not change it for symlinks (I want to 
test that more first) - at some point I need to recognize SFU symlinks 
as well.

I would appreciate one or two of you all reviewing the patch though (it 
got quite large since it hit all file name related string conversions - 
and since I did not have a pointer to the superblock flags - it hit the 
parent function(s) in many cases as well).
1st part
2nd part
3rd part

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