Windows port of Samba 4 branch

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sat Nov 6 07:49:26 GMT 2004

Steven Edwards schrieb:

> Hello,
> I have discussed a windows port of Samba 4 with some of the developers
> off list and its now time to come forward and see if anyone else is
> interested in joining the project. I am a developer with the ReactOS
> project and am interested in porting Samba to Windows so we can use it
> in ReactOS. I have not really done much as of yet although I did do a
> little work with Elrond of Samba-TNG in getting a lot of it to build
> and configure. My plan is to start and develop Samba on Microsoft
> Visual Studio and Mingw with MSYS. Feedback is welcome.

Hi Steven,

- I would like to see the actuall diff output, to see what build configure changes are needed
   for this.

- I like this idea:-)


Stefan Metzmacher <metze at>

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