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Wed May 12 20:59:16 GMT 2004

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 03:42:27PM -0400, Guillermo Gomez wrote:
> Hi 
> I have a special requirement for the Samba WINS server: i need TTL times
> in wins.dat very shorts (minutes range). But can't make it work the way
> i want (tried the three ttl settings without luck, leases in wins.dat
> are long, very long).
> The overall situation is:
> Win98 PPTP client
> FortiGate Firewall (doing PPTP)
> Samba Server running WINS server
> The problem is that i need to print to a remote Win98 client from local
> Samba Clients and the IP addresses asigned to remote PPPTP clients by
> the FortiGate varies.
> The client has configured the Samba WINS Server. When the client logs
> into the VPN Network, they register their names into wins.dat.
> But, when a client VPN IP addresses changes (next connection probably
> during the same day), it can't register it's name because it's already
> registered by himself but with another IP.

That shouldn't be the case.  When the client re-registers itself, Samba 
should check the IP of the previous registration.  If that IP does not 
claim the name, then Samba will grant the name to the new registrant.

That's what's *supposed* to happen.

> Result: i can't reach remote
> Win98 client by name.... i must achieve that in order to make Samba
> works in our environment if i can't Samba is out :( Help please.

Take a look at the 'max wins ttl' and 'min wins ttl' parameters in the 
smb.conf man page.  I still don't think that's the problem, however.  My 
guess is that the Win98 client isn't trying to re-register.

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