Problems with cifsmount and kde

stefan pacholski spacholski at
Tue Mar 23 17:25:31 GMT 2004

Hi list,
I want to install SAMBA 3.0.2a with an Windows 2000 ADS SRV.
I have successfully installed WINBIND and PAM so in can loggin as an NT5
user in the console.
The Homedirectory will mount for the user which is going to log in.
I use libpam-mount with CIFS to mount the directories.
Now I want to start kde with these options, but it failed everytime I


I am running a DEBIAN 3.0 SID with an 2.6.4 Kernel.

Is it a symlinks problem?

If some configuration files are missing I will post them if u say what u
need ;)


Stefan Pacholski

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