LDAP sambaMungedDial bug ?

Pierre Filippone pierre.filippone at retail-sc.com
Tue Mar 16 13:19:56 GMT 2004


I think there might be a bug in 3.0.2a concering TSE settings:

If a user account does not yet have a sambaMungedDial attribute in LDAP 
and I change some TSE user settings by using the windows user manager, 
everything works fine. The attribute is written to LDAP and stored 
properly. (attached ethereal trace: trace1)

Next time I want to change some TSE settings for the same user, I get an 
"acces denied" in user manager.
As you can see in trace2, it is not a permission problem, but an LDAP 
error when performing the modify on the sambaMungedDial attribute.
The LDAP server complains "no such attribute", when trying to delete the 
old munged dial blob.
For me it looks like the value of the sambaMungedDial attribute that 
should be deleted is not correct. Seems to be truncated near the end.
That explains why the LDAP server cannot find the requested attribute. In 
the LDAP server the attribute has 1040 bytes, the trace says 1033 bytes.

Also when I use pdbedit to view the munged dial field it seems to be 
truncated or mixed up with some other value towards the end.

Is this a known bug ?
Didn't find anything in bugzilla.


Pierre Filippone

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