LDAP sambaMungedDial bug ?

Yohann Fourteau yohann.fourteau at aitb.org
Tue Mar 16 13:39:12 GMT 2004

I've noticed that behaviour. For me, samba tries to empty the attribute before
filling it. And the server doesn't like very much empty attribute from that

I've searched a little in the code but I didn't see why it does that.

Selon Pierre Filippone <pierre.filippone at retail-sc.com>:

> Hi,
> I think there might be a bug in 3.0.2a concering TSE settings:
> If a user account does not yet have a sambaMungedDial attribute in LDAP 
> and I change some TSE user settings by using the windows user manager, 
> everything works fine. The attribute is written to LDAP and stored 
> properly. (attached ethereal trace: trace1)
> Next time I want to change some TSE settings for the same user, I get an 
> "acces denied" in user manager.
> As you can see in trace2, it is not a permission problem, but an LDAP 
> error when performing the modify on the sambaMungedDial attribute.
> The LDAP server complains "no such attribute", when trying to delete the 
> old munged dial blob.
> For me it looks like the value of the sambaMungedDial attribute that 
> should be deleted is not correct. Seems to be truncated near the end.
> That explains why the LDAP server cannot find the requested attribute. In 
> the LDAP server the attribute has 1040 bytes, the trace says 1033 bytes.
> Also when I use pdbedit to view the munged dial field it seems to be 
> truncated or mixed up with some other value towards the end.
> Is this a known bug ?
> Didn't find anything in bugzilla.
> Regards,
> Pierre Filippone

Yohann F.

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