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HI Eric
I meant problem is not fixed for us, meaning we still see user having problem readig file, I guess its not samba related, but I just wanted you experts opinion.

Yes we do use the mapping account.(nt to vob in usersmap )

Thanks for your comments

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On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 09:31:32AM -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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    Jerry> Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 wrote:
    Javid> We have seen similar errors that you mentioned in the
    Javid> link last week Our configuration is samba-2.2.8a on
    Javid> solaris8  64bit with clearcase5 ( samba is on 64bit
    Javid> compiled ) Clients are w2k. 

    Javid> I noticed smb.conf parameter by default has max_open_files
    Javid> set 10,000 ( under advanced options, in swat glabol )

    Javid> This is not yet fixed and puzzles me. Techinal team and
    Javid> Rubiola , please let me know if you guys suggest any thing
    Javid> or found anything on this.

What is not yet fixed? 10,000 is the default and is supported with a 64-bit compile.

    Jerry> Strange.  I can confirm that 2.2.8a supports windows
    Jerry> clearcase clients well (as far as I know).  We (not me
    Jerry> though) use it in our group at HP.

    Jerry> What exactly is the problem again ?  I read the links but
    Jerry> if you could summarize that would help.

I responded privately to Jeronimo Rubiolo because I didn't think this was appropriate for samba-technical. In the hopes of nipping the the thread in the bud, I've included my reply below.

The errors from

consist of

Error: Unable to construct cleartext for object "0x4C" ..
Error: Type manager "z_whole_copy" failed construct_version operation.
Error: Unable to construct cleartext for object "0x3E" 
Error: Type manager "text_file_delta" failed construct_version operation. 

This error is usually due to a permission problem and not the number of open files. I've seen this pattern of error messages many times. If you were to look at additional information under the "failed construct_version" you will probably see something about "permission denied".

In any event, here's my private reply to Jeronimo

  I believe you have come across one of the most common problems with
  ClearCase and Samba.

  Have you mapped the ALBD account on the PC to a valid account on the
  UNIX VOB server?

  Assuming that the ALBD account is clearcase_albd and the VOB owner
  account is vobadm, then you should have the following

  In /usr/local/samba/lib/
  vobadm = clearcase_albd

  or, in general

  <UNIX VOB owner> = <ALBD Service Account>

  Again, these questions would be better asked on the ClearCase mailing

  In addition, this information is covered in the ClearCase
  Administrators Manual Release 2002.05.00. Specifically in Chapter 6,
  Section 6.3 SMB Server Products, sub section "Creating a Samba
  Username Map for clearcase_albd"

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