How to check if kerberos is being used.

Benoit Panizzon bp at
Tue Jul 6 15:19:55 GMT 2004

Hi all

Winbind supports kerberos. Fine!

Now I've set up a Samba 3 member server to a W2k ADS runing in Native Mode, 
but did not specify and LDAP or Kerberos stuff in smb.conf.

Does winbind/samba do kerberos all by itself if hitting a ADS in Native Mode 
or do you have to configure it to do so?
(win2k clients use it without any config, so that should be possible)

How can I check if kerberos is being used or if winbind did fallback to NT4 
RPC mode?
Are there any benefits of using kerberos at all (as it apparently works on my 
config without specifying anything).
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