How to check if kerberos is being used.

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Tue Jul 6 19:30:28 GMT 2004

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Benoit Panizzon wrote:

| Does winbind/samba do kerberos all by itself if
| hitting a ADS Native Mode  or do you have to configure
| it to do so? (win2k clients use it without any config,
| so that should be possible)

winbindd will use kerberos for its own domain assuming you
have set 'security = ads'.  It will also use kerberos in
the session setup to any DC's in a trusted native mode domain
(but not mixed mode).

| How can I check if kerberos is being used or if winbind did
| fallback to NT4  RPC mode?

level 10 debug log or ethereal trace.

| Are there any benefits of using kerberos at all (as
| it apparently works on my config without  specifying anything).

krb5 is necessary for supporting the AD transtivei trusts.

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