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Michael Lueck wrote:
| Andrew Bartlett wrote:
|  >  - Netlogon server works:
|>    - The existing Netlogon server is just enough to get WinXP to log
|> in.  We need torture tests written, and code fixed on that basis.
| Hi Andrew, or other Samba experts.
| Based on the above, it leads me to think there is much XP
| would like to issue / call on a Samba server which Samba does
| not have code to respond to. Does that visibly hinder XP, or is
| it just under the covers things which are hindered?
| If one were considering rolling out several thousand
| Windows boxes to be clients in Samba 3.0.5 PDC's and both Win2K
| and WinXP were options, based on what Samba is today would
| the suggestion be to stick to Win2K?
| TIA for any input towards that very question.

Andrew's comments were about the progress tridge has made
in Samba 4 wrt to being an AD DC.  Samba 3 has no problems
with being an nt4 DC for all MS clients (including 2003).

cheers, jerry
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