Samba Website Updated and Redesigned

Deryck Hodge deryck at
Mon Aug 9 05:20:43 GMT 2004

If you haven't been to in the last few hours, it's time to 
take a look.  Much has changed.  The Samba website has been completely 
redesigned and updated.

This version of the Samba website has a striking new look and features 
XHTML markup and a CSS-controlled layout.  In addition to these changes 
to, the Samba Team is pleased to announce the creation of, a news and information portal for all things Samba.

Regular visitors to will want to spend some time looking 
around the website as pages have been moved, and in some cases 
relabeled.  All of the information and features of the original have been preserved while many new features have been added. 
Some of the goals of the redesign were: to improve navigation 
menus, to provide easy access to information and downloads for current 
releases, to create a browsable release history, to design an easily 
recognizable and consistent look, and to make the site easier 
to maintain and upgrade.

Any questions, comments, or concerns about the redesign can be
addressed to webeditor at  Website bugs can be reported through  Please understand that your preference, or lack 
thereof, for a particular shade of yellow or blue is not cause enough 
for a bug report. You are, however, free to like or dislike whatever 
colors you choose.  Mostly, we just hope you'll find the redesigned useful.



Deryck Hodge                     
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Web Editor, Samba Team                
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