Good location for *.msg files for swat i18n?

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Sep 23 07:20:45 GMT 2003

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 05:57:19AM +0900, TAKAHASHI Motonobu wrote:

> | --> (
> |update msg files and genmsg script
> This file contains the update msg files and genmsg script which is
> based in 3b) in 
> <>

This looks good.  There is no copyright attribution for the genmsg
script.  Shall I add (c) 2003 Motonobu Takahashi to it?

> | --> (
> |patch to update the calling _( ) 
> This is the main patch file which 
> 1) pick up proper strings to call msg strings for example to add 
>   strings in wizard menu in web/swat.c, web/statuspage.c and
>   param/loadparm.c.
> 2) define N_() macro in include/intl.h to pick up some strings 
>   in param/loadparm.c 
> 3) quote all name and value tag with '"'
>   For example in swat.c:720 the "Edit Parameter Values" string is
>   displayd only as "Edit" because value tag is not quoted like: 
>   value=Edit Parameter Values
>   These tags should be quoted though it sometimes works well
>   without quotation.
> 4) modify the msg strings not to contain HTML tags or other
>   non-message strings ASAP. For example 
>   dprintf(_("test\n")); is modified to dprintf("%s\n", _("test"));

Also good.  I plan to apply both these patches.

> There are still some issues:
> I) BUG#489: d_printf() cannot handle '\"'

This is a problem with passing the msgid as both a tdb key and as
an entry in the msg file.  The msg file retains the \" while the
C compiler eats the backslash, so a comparison between the escaped
and unescaped strings will fail.

A solution is to do a substitution of " with \" in lang_msg() but
this will increase the size of the string and possibly create
a bit of a mess.  It could be easier just to change the \" to '

> II) please remove old gif files under swat/lang/ja/images

Were you interesting in creating some replacements?  I thought the
internationalised gif files were great!

> III) d_printf() in swat.c:754 really needs?
>    d_printf() needs in swat.c after line:740?

Do you mean joining these two d_printf()s?  That should be OK.

> IV) For example
>  6a) d_printf(_("test %s messege\n"))  is working well but 
>  6b) d_printf("%s\n", _("test %s messege")) is not working.
>  I modified the 6b) format to 6a) format.
>  This is currently d_printf() limitation?

I haven't tracked down the source of this but it is probably
to do with the exact key used to index the msg file being
different from the argument passed to d_printf().

> V) long strings are not converted with d_printf() for example
>   web/swat.c:771: The above...
>   I simply seperate this to 2 strings.
>   This is also currently d_printf() limitation?

I think this is because the msg file parser in lang_tdb.c can't
handle multiline msgids.  i.e:

#: ../web/swat.c:716
msgid ""
"The \"Rewrite smb.conf file\" button will clear the smb.conf file of all "
"default values and of comments.<br>\n"

> VI) click SHARE icon, then "Share Parameters" will display, also
>   click PRINTER icon, then "Printer Parameters" will 
>   I think click GLOBAL icon, then displaying "Global Parameters (not
>   variables)" is more better...?

I agree.


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