Good location for *.msg files for swat i18n?

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Tue Sep 23 16:48:33 GMT 2003

>> This file contains the update msg files and genmsg script which is
>> based in 3b) in 
>> <>
>This looks good.  There is no copyright attribution for the genmsg
>script.  Shall I add (c) 2003 Motonobu Takahashi to it?

Yes, thanks.

>> II) please remove old gif files under swat/lang/ja/images
>Were you interesting in creating some replacements?  I thought the
>internationalised gif files were great!

I think these i18n'ed gif files are not necessary.
For example, like , 
a proper message is displayed when we focus an icon (in
0923swat1.png, STATUS icon is focused).

>> III) d_printf() in swat.c:754 really needs?
>>    d_printf() needs in swat.c after line:740?
>Do you mean joining these two d_printf()s?  That should be OK.

I mean d_printf("</tr>\n"); line should be added after swat.c:739.
   and d_printf("</tr>\n"); at swat.c:754 should be removed.

>> VI) click SHARE icon, then "Share Parameters" will display, also
>>   click PRINTER icon, then "Printer Parameters" will 
>>   I think click GLOBAL icon, then displaying "Global Parameters (not
>>   variables)" is more better...?
>I agree.

Please correct!

>> V) long strings are not converted with d_printf() for example
>>   web/swat.c:771: The above...
>>   I simply seperate this to 2 strings.
>>   This is also currently d_printf() limitation?
>I think this is because the msg file parser in lang_tdb.c can't
>handle multiline msgids.  i.e:

If I merged this msgid into 1 line, d_printf() did not work well.

Anyway d_printf() has some issues, BUG#489, IV), V) .
Some of these should be decided the limitation of d_printf() and
others should be fixed...

Currently, as you said at BUG#489 to modify messages to avoid these
issues is a easy solution. 

Shall I make another patch?

TAKAHASHI, Motonobu (monyo)                    monyo at

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