Good location for *.msg files for swat i18n?

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Mon Sep 22 20:57:19 GMT 2003

>> To fix 3) needs a large but simple (not to touch functional codes)
>> patch. As I said, I want to create a patch for this.
>Great!  Can you post it to samba-technical and/or attach to the appropriate
>bugzilla entry?

I've sent the patch to bugzilla

| --> (
|update msg files and genmsg script

This file contains the update msg files and genmsg script which is
based in 3b) in 

| --> (
|patch to update the calling _( ) 

This is the main patch file which 

1) pick up proper strings to call msg strings for example to add 
  strings in wizard menu in web/swat.c, web/statuspage.c and

2) define N_() macro in include/intl.h to pick up some strings 
  in param/loadparm.c 

3) quote all name and value tag with '"'
  For example in swat.c:720 the "Edit Parameter Values" string is
  displayd only as "Edit" because value tag is not quoted like: 
  value=Edit Parameter Values
  These tags should be quoted though it sometimes works well
  without quotation.

4) modify the msg strings not to contain HTML tags or other
  non-message strings ASAP. For example 
  dprintf(_("test\n")); is modified to dprintf("%s\n", _("test"));

There are still some issues:

I) BUG#489: d_printf() cannot handle '\"'

II) please remove old gif files under swat/lang/ja/images

III) d_printf() in swat.c:754 really needs?
   d_printf() needs in swat.c after line:740?

IV) For example
 6a) d_printf(_("test %s messege\n"))  is working well but 
 6b) d_printf("%s\n", _("test %s messege")) is not working.
 I modified the 6b) format to 6a) format.

 This is currently d_printf() limitation?

V) long strings are not converted with d_printf() for example
  web/swat.c:771: The above...
  I simply seperate this to 2 strings.
  This is also currently d_printf() limitation?

VI) click SHARE icon, then "Share Parameters" will display, also
  click PRINTER icon, then "Printer Parameters" will 
  I think click GLOBAL icon, then displaying "Global Parameters (not
  variables)" is more better...?

TAKAHASHI, Motonobu (monyo)                    monyo at

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