Samba 3.0 question: multithreading

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sat Sep 20 08:26:06 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-09-20 at 17:05, Damir Dezeljin wrote:
> Hi.
> Samba 2.x architecture design was that one thread is spawned for each
> machine accessing Samba server. This produce an Windows Explorer freeze if
> the mentioned thread for some reason get blocked.

This should only occur if a read blocks.  What situations do you have
where this becomes a problem?

> I checked the Samba 3.x docs, but I didn't find any info if this was
> changed in Samba 3.x. Is Samba 3.x stil using a single thread for each
> client or does it spawn a new thread for each access like WinNT?

Samba 3.0 shares this architecture.

> If yes (Samba stil use single thread per machine) is it planed to change
> this in future and if yes, when?

The samba4 project (cvs module 'samba4') has a highly flexible system to
allow almost any threading/forking architecture you desire...  

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