Posix/Samba: the accounts managements

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at xsec.it
Fri Oct 31 17:27:56 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 18:03, Aurélien Degrémont wrote:
> I didn't say that Samba must manage the creation/deletion of posix 
> accounts and I totally disagree with it. Samba runs on too many various 
> systems that it should not handle by itself the Posix accounts . The 
> differences between "unixes" and "linuxes" are way too numerous. The 
> using of external scripts is a good idea if Samba clearly explains it 
> and handles it. I think Samba must manage the Samba Accounts and call 
> the scripts to handle the posix accounts but this must be well done.

of course that shouldn't happen by default, but it would be a big help
for many admins imo.

> This it one reason why I work on this problem.  Users who use Samba 
> didn't like at all that the client program complains about an error that 
> do not exist !

yeah, that's not nice at all.

> I'm not looking for some kind of tricks but a true solution :)

ok that's fine.

If you have a test environment I'll propose this patch:

if it is ok I'll commit it.

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