Windows Node Configuration Reference

David Wuertele dave-gnus at
Fri Oct 31 18:28:26 GMT 2003

In order to test my SMB client software, I'm setting up a test network
with a large array of windows machines of various flavors, configured
in as many different ways as I can: various B/M/H/P modes, various
workgroup and security levels, various strange NetBios names (that
conflict with other nodes IP addresses or DNS hostnames etc), uses
WINS/doesn't use WINS, LMHOSTS lookup enabled or not, various
ScopeIDs.  In fact, I've already got the array of hosts set up and I'm
preparing to configure them.  Unfortunately, I have essentially no
experience configuring windows.

I'm looking for a reference (preferably on-line) that I can use to
learn how to configure these nodes.  Any suggestions?


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