Cups questions ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Mon Oct 20 14:41:45 GMT 2003

> |    Slap me if I am asking the wrong list ... 

    Nobody slapped me ... thanks ...

> | before Cups start,
> | the printer in Cups don't come up with Samba, ( lost our printers after
> | a restart, and took
> | me a few minutes and lots of panic to figure it out  ), I see this has
> | been fixed in RawHide.
> I'll look at their patches.  I tried last night actually but got 

    I took a look at my RH9 and RawHide ... I see in
        RH9 = smb(91,35) and cups(90,10)
        RawHide = smb(91,35) and cups(55,10)

> distracted.  The problem is that we don't expire the printer cache.
> Send smbd a HUP will work as well. 

    Okay, I thought that RedHat shuffling the start up sequence, but 
that does not seem to be the case ...

> |    My question is, Samba chats with the Cups deamon, is
> | possible that Samba could put into the logs that it
> | can't find the Cups deamon, might make less problems.
> We just ask the cups libs so that should really be their
> error message I think. 

    It seems that Cups deamon does not need to be running for Samba to 
get printer list ...
    Just did a test, stop cups, restart smb, and was able to open 
"Printers and Faxes" with no problem, got the full list. So I am stumped.

> |    Other question, in RedHat 9, they are using Cups 1.1.17, which Samba
> | 3.0.1pre1 does not use the comments, but RawHide is using Cups
> | 1.1.19, which Samba 3.0.0 is able to use the comments for
> | the printers ... I take it that Cups 1.1.19 gives this infomation
> | out, were Cups 1.1.17 does not?
> no idea on this one.  I would have to spend some time on it.  Bug me
> tomorrow off list and hopefully things will have cleared up to give me
> some more time. 

    I am happy to be messing around, and playing with RawHide, which 
seems to work alot better than RH9, with the shipped Samba.  So I won't 
bug you, 'cause I am sure you have better things to do than answer my 
silly question, while I am coming to understand how all things work 

> |    One last question, to backup the "Point-n-Install"
> | printers, one has to backup the drivers  directory and
> | tdb with the printer info, but if I remember correctly,
> | you have to shutdown smb, to that, or am I wrong on this account?
> tdbbackup can do this for you. 

    But my real question was more, can I do this without stop the Samba 
deamons, maybe a cron script every night before a tape backup?


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