samba-3.0.0beta1 codeset issue on non-Linux

Toomas Soome Toomas.Soome at
Mon Jun 16 20:00:38 GMT 2003

Richard Sharpe wrote:

>>>In fact, I believe that the native iconv on both Solaris and FreeBSD allow 
>>>for CP850<->UTF8 and CP850<->UCS-2LE, but neither seem to handle US-ASCII 
>>>(ASCII) to UCS-2LE, which is the test in Configire.
>>David's tests with Solaris iconv seem to suggest otherwise:
>>CP850<->UTF8 is supported, but CP850<->UCS-2LE is not, and this seems to
>>be a problem in light of this code from lib/charcnv.c --
> OK, in having a look at /usr/lib/iconv/*.so, it does indeed seem like 
> CP850<->UCS-2LE is not supported on the Solaris system I have access to, 
> but I also can't find any files. However, it is possible 
> that there is a mapping by going IBM-850<->8859-1<->UCS-2LE and so on ...
> Hmmm, the picture seems more complex than that ... 

in solaris 9 it seems to be possible to do CP850 -> UTF8 -> UCS-2LE but 
this is 2 step process. in solaris 8, it is possible as well, but with 
UTF-8 ...

but at least in solaris 8 and 9 it is possible to build custom 
conversion tables with geniconvtbl. this could be solution at least for 
this kind of systems.....


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