Silly reads from WinXP/OfficeXP against Samba 3.0

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Tue Jul 15 14:27:48 GMT 2003


Here I have a repeatable case: Office XP SP2 on WinXP reads a file, and
during the first requests everything looks fine. Then after some time
the machine starts to read *HUGE* amounts of 512 byte-fragments from the
.doc-file. This results in ~140000 packets whereas the same operations
only use ~4000 packets when the file is on 2k.

I already tried 'max xmit = 4356' to match 2k buffer size negotiation,
but that did not help. One thing that I also found is that the client
seems to actively use the multi-request feature of 2k.

I can provide sniffs and tests with a patched Samba, but I'm currently a
bit lost. Staring at a dump of 140000 packets is not exacly easy :-(

Any idea anybody?

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