Patches for winbindd_ads.c

Ken Cross kcross at
Sat Jul 12 12:07:33 GMT 2003


Attached are two patches to winbindd_ads.c.

The first fixes this error:

 [2003/07/06 13:45:05, 1] nsswitch/winbindd_ads.c:enum_dom_groups(270)
   No rid for Account Operators !?

It adds a call to sid_check_is_in_builtin because the Builtin SIDs won't
match the domain SID.

The second is a re-implementation of a "feature" that I argued for in 3.0
Alpha, but apparently lost.  It modifies lookup_groupmem for ADS so that it
behaves the same as lookup_groupmem for RPC.

The RPC version returns all members of a group, whereas the current ADS
version doesn't return members who have that group as their primary group.
Consequently, lists of Domain Users is horribly short.

I need the list of group members to be consistent between RPC and ADS.  For
others that need it, the second patch will give it to them.


Ken Cross

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