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Fri Jan 31 23:42:13 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-02-01 at 09:25, Xyster ! wrote:
> Hi All,
> I need some information from one of you expert Samba developers out there. I 
> wrote a little tool for listing users, groups, and group membership on 
> Windows servers using MSRPC calls. It works against Windows NT and 2000 
> machines, but not against a Samba server. Here's why:
> To list global groups, I perform a samrQueryDisplayInfo call, with level 3 
> (for groups). To get the members of each group I perform a samrOpenGroup 
> followed by a samrQueryGroupMembers call.
> To list local and built-in groups, I first perform an OpenDomain call with 
> either the special built-in domain sid or the server's domain sid. I follow 
> this up with a samrEnumDomainAliases call to get the groups/aliases. Then 
> for each group I do a samrOpenAlias followed by a samrGetAliasMembers query.
> The tool works fine against Windows NT and Windows 2000 machines. However, 
> when I try it against my Samba server I get a STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED error 
> as a response to my samrOpenGroup request. Examining the Samba source code 
> revealed that this SAMR request is indeed not implemented. Any reason why 
> not? Is there a better, or more recommended way, of obtaining the global 
> groups?

Samba's group support only really started to anywhere in Samba 3.0, with
the 'group mapping' code being added.  

Andrew Bartlett

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