Solaris fcntl CPU/Lock update

Andy Thomas ajt at
Fri Jan 31 22:41:12 GMT 2003

   A while ago, someone said they had a lock stress program to
check performance of the fcntl bug and bug fix.  Is there somewhere
I can get that?

   We have two Sun E6500 servers (Solaris 8, 10 CPUs) each supporting 
30,000 users.  At peak times, we have 600+ connections per server.  
We have XP profiles and home directories.  At login time, samba 2.2.5 
was taking 20 minutes download XP profiles.  About 15 seconds with 2.0.6.  

  We got the tarball kernel fix a few weks ago.  I ran one server with
2.0.6, and the other with 2.2.7a with the kernel tarball.  Load averages
were in the 6 to 8 range on both servers at peak times.  So I would 
conclude that the tarball fix worked.

  I was about to install the T-patch, when I saw this email.  Now I am not
sure.  If I could get the lock exercise program, I could at least test
the T patch on another server before trying it on our main servers.

  I have tried the T-patch for Solaris 9 on our binary servers, and haven't
had any problems.  But I don't think they exercised the fcntl bug
enough for it to show up.

  If someone wants I will be glad to run some tests or gather some data.

Andy Thomas

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 >I have followed this fcntl bug closely, and I just applied a T-patch for 
 >solaris 8 which brought the kernel 108528-19. This includes the fix for 
 >4735093. This has not fixed the problem of smbd growing to consume all 
 >available CPU.
 >Environment is SunOS reiger 5.8 Generic_108528-19 sun4u sparc 

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